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Contact Mind Reading: The Osterlind Approach (AMTS Vol. 1)

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This work represents the strongest form of mentalism! No technology can create the effect that the method taught in this book can create.

Imagine the experience your spectator will have when you are able to tell them the freely selected object, only thought of, in any room you are in. Then being able to have everyone else in the room do the same thing and get it right for every single person. No other technique allows you to do this. It is true Mindreading!

What's more, you learn the real work from a modern day master who has accumulated his knowledge over the past 50 years of performing for real people! No armchair theory required!

This is the strongest work in mentalism I have ever learned. There is no other technique on the market that can compare to the insight you will gain from Osterlinds technique. I am very thankful he has offered such invaluable information for such a modest price! For those that overlook this, you are missing the true essence of mentalism!

Date Added: 01/04/2016 by Terry Hornady