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The Professional Mentalist's Field Manual

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've had the book for a few days and read through it several times already. All I can say is that the contents of this publication might just be some of the most valuable output yet from Richard Osterlind (which is saying something!).

The writing style is direct and to the point making it such an easy book to keep returning to, and this is a book that you will return to time and time again. Some of the advice can be taken and applied to what you do immediately but there are also insights that will prove themselves massively beneficial further on as your performing circumstances grow and develop. One chapter that I found particularly interesting was Richard's dissection of his act where he talks about it's structure, how it evolves as it progresses, audience management, how to shape perceptions of what it is you're doing and the impression you make on an audience etc. To read such a thorough analysis and discover the different layers that all make up the act is fascinating.

The old adage in magic about the best way to hide something is to publish it could easily be applied to this book as there are lots of gems hidden within it's pages, and they really shine both in terms of value and insight. It may be a small book but it packs one heck of a punch! Sincere thanks to Richard and Jim for another great addition to my mentalism library.
Date Added: 06/07/2014 by Ian Wallhead