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The Very Modern Mindreader - 10th Anniversary Edition

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Stop it! Just stop it! I made a very good living for a summer with just Steno ESP from the original printing of this book. Now you've improved both the book AND Steno ESP. It is impossible for me to determine (or remember) how much I made with Steno ESP but the tips (it was table-hopping) were ENORMOUS, and I always split with the wait staff. People kept returning to the restaurant, bringing friends and entire parties - just because of Steno ESP.

That's why this Osterlind fellow must be stopped. If it was that powerful before, I have to fear for the sanity of any audiences now. The material in this book is just too strong, and we'll never be able to convince our audiences that we DON'T have mental super powers.
Date Added: 11/18/2013 by Chet Cox