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Transparent Forces

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Firstly, I must qualify this review by saying that I have not yet performed this as part of my regular show. I'm reviewing from the perspective of having purchased this 'effect', having played with it, and from a 'trial' performance for friends.

The apparatus is really fantastic and will last for a long time. The ability to (apparently) 'fairly' force has so many uses - in fact, I'm sure that you could use it for a pre-show setup for 1 effect and then use it during performance for an entirely different routine. It looks like a completely legitimate way for a volunteer to select a slip. In fact, you can get them to read out loud all the different slips they could choose from thereby providing 'proof' of the 'fairness' of the selection.

The routines included range from a simple 3-object prediction, a fantastic stand-up effect in "The Phantom Artist" (this could even work for stand-up comedy), and the "Seafire Sequence" has once of the biggest "build ups" I've seen in a routine. I can't imagine doing anything after Seafire, it's that good!

What you're getting is not a 'trick', or even a well-packaged apparatus + routines (although they are really different and will get great responses). What you'll be getting is an incredible useful and practical tool that, in my opinion, must be part of any professional mentalist's performance kit.
Date Added: 01/25/2011 by Marcel Oudejans