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Premium Paper for the Perfected Center Tear

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Richard Osterlind's Premium Paper for the Perfected Center Tear ROCKS! Before I got a few pads of this paper I went to the store and bought some blank 3 x 5 cards and practiced the center tear dozens and dozens of times (after watching Richard's excellent instructions on Live Without a Net. I got the moves down well enough, but couldn't always catch the second tail easily. Sometimes I got it, other times I didn't. The 3 x 5 cards were also a little difficult to tear. These two factors gave me some performance anxiety. The premium paper makes a huge difference because the paper is thicker, yet softer and easier to tear. Because of the size, each sheet is easy to handle. And of course, the grain of the paper runs in the right direction (a subtle point that turns out to be really important). The old saying about having the right tool for the right job is so true. If you do the perfected center tear, you will want this paper. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Date Added: 12/29/2012 by Bill OConnell