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Classic Epic Deluxe

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This is an extremely high quality mental epic board with absolutely stunning workmanship. It is the perfect size for ease of handling and will fit conveniently in a catalog case or briefcase...a detail that working professionals will appreciate beyond measure...but shows up brilliantly on a large stage (much, much better than a whiteboard). The working is smooth and perfectly designed not to warp and "stick." You can find cheaper versions for sure, but this is worth every penny, a true investment, and probably the best version of this "classic" (i.e., proven and timeless) effect out there. If you are thinking of adding this type of effect to your's a no-brainer. Richard's routines and tips in the accompanying pamphlet make this a bargain for any serious mentalist. Do you think I'm impressed? Absolutely!
Date Added: 10/14/2019 by Paul Hoehner