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ThoughtScan Compact


As you know, ThoughtScan has been Richard Osterlind’s primary act for over 35 years. That act has taken him around the world! Now we are able to offer another version of this incredible product!

ThoughtScan Compact was developed for Richard’s personal use in his close-up work and trade shows. It is a compact version of the regular ThoughtScan, measuring a streamlined 7 X 10 inches and taking paper sized 6 X 9 inches. It is made of the same durable materials and perfect construction as the original, but with all its dimensions reduced. It’s a joy to handle, is the perfect size for close-up work, and will fit into almost any size briefcase or computer bag.

The board can indeed be used on stage for the normal act, but it is designed to allow the mentalist to perform the ThoughtScan Act in a close-up situation with just a small number of participants. Along with the standard ThoughtScan instructions, a new booklet is included in the package with detailed instructions for the modified routine. These ideas will allow you to do the work right in front of your spectators. The booklet also gives suggestions for developing your own personal methods so as to make your act unique.

In addition, the new booklet shows how ThoughtScan Compact is perfect for Swami writing and gives a complete routine using a grease pencil Swami where you start clean, perform the miracle, and end clean! All this without once going to your pockets!

And there’s more! ThoughtScan Compact was also designed to be the perfect adjunct for performing many of the Annemann billet reading routines without any fussing with loose papers or pads. The dimensions of ThoughtScan Compact were calculated to hold open a switched billet perfectly while allowing full access to the entire paper! The size of the paper is the standard Annemann billet and also our own PCT papers.

You will receive the board, the original ThoughtScan instructions, and the new supplemental booklet. If you've never owned ThoughtScan, you will have everything you need in this outfit. And, remember, this new board is built with the same demanding precision and the same materials as the original ThoughtScan. With proper care, it will last you a lifetime!

This is not just a smaller version of ThoughtScan. It is a completely new utility prop!

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