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Phantom Hank


Almost two years ago, Osterlind Mysteries released the Phantom Knife, an updated version of one of the most staggering close-up knife through coat effects in magic. Ever since, magicians have been using the phantom knife in every venue imaginable. Now, Osterlind Mysteries is offering an accessory to the Phantom Knife that makes it possible to perform this miracle any time, any place.

Introducing…the Phantom Hank. The luxurious fabric that the Phantom Hank is constructed from was carefully chosen out of scores tested to work in an almost miraculous way in conjunction with the very special properties of the Phantom Knife. The spectators will see the blade come right through the cloth…but the hole it makes disappears just like magic. Each Phantom Hank is hand-crafted by Osterlind Mysteries seamstress Sandra Sisti in a very generous 18 inch square size that also makes it perfect to use in any other routine that might require a stylish handkerchief.

The Phantom Hank – the perfect accessory for your Phantom Knife – available now from Osterlind Mysteries.

Please note that this item is hand-made to order by Osterlind Mysteries seamstress Sandra Sisti. Please allow extra time for delivery.

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