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Dictionary Finale


One of Richard Osterlind’s most innovative creations is the Errata Effect! Startlingly different in both effect and method, it achieves a mind-blowing event!

A freely-selected word is found to be missing from a legitimate dictionary! The mentalist directs the spectator to look inside the back cover and there he finds an “errata” slip explaining there is an error in the dictionary and that very word was left out!

Richard kept this idea to himself for many years. Finally, he included on the No Camera Tricks video series in 2007, after over 10 years of keeping it a secret! A special dictionary was necessary and many wrote saying they could not find one in stores. We did include a copy in our Transparent Forces kit, but that is off the market at the moment and is undergoing improvements.

Because the effect is so startling, perhaps the greatest ending for a book test ever, we wanted to offer the routine as a stand-alone item, supplying complete instructions as to how to do the effect with ordinary books. The result is Dictionary Finale!

Besides the newest and most up-to-date version of the dictionary, we are including an instruction manual that is filled with the most practical methods for doing a variety of book tests with ordinary novels you can find at your local bookstore! It is, in fact, almost a primer on book tests in general! Even without the Errata Effect, this information is priceless! Richard gives you everything you need to create his exact routine without having to buy anything else! The knowledge will last you a lifetime in the field of mentalism!

Like so many of Richard’s classics, which have become part of the standard repertoires of countless mentalists, this is destined to take its place in those ranks.

We guarantee you will not regret this purchase!

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