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Mirage Envelope


The Mirage Envelope is Richard’s newest creation. Here's what the audience sees...

You write a spectator’s first name on your business card (or a blank card) and slide it into a small coin envelope. You immediately hand it over and the spectator verifies he cannot see through it. Now the spectator secretly writes a name on the same business card and slides it back, face down into the same envelope. You show it to still be opaque and set it aside.

You now know the name...just like that!

  • The spectator himself verifies the envelope is opaque.
  • The same business card you wrote his name on is used for the secret name.
  • The spectator slides the card face down into the same envelope.
  • Even then you show both sides of the envelope to be opaque.
  • Still you instantly know the name!
  • The effect is almost completely self-working. You can do it just 5 minutes after reading the instructions.
  • This is a utility item you can use for all sorts of routines.

The envelope can be used over and over again, but we supply you with five reusable Mirage Envelopes and the basic instructions. We have no doubt you will think of countless ways to use the Mirage Envelope.
And here is the best part: it fooled Lisa! Anyone who knows Richard’s wife can attest that this is the best endorsement possible!

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