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Classic Slate of Mind


Another incredible new release from Osterlind Mysteries!

Slate of Mind is a mentalism classic that is one of the most perfect mysteries of all time. Our Classic Slate of Mind is, without doubt, the best version of this stunning effect ever produced!

We decided to give this wonderful effect the same treatment as our Classic Epic. The frame is made of beautiful, dark walnut and all the trimmings are shiny brass screws and grommets. The look of the brass, against the walnut and black elastic, is stunning! It is the ultimate piece of mentalism equipment, worthy of anyone’s show, while still looking entirely innocent and unprepared. Plus, the product is durable and will last a through lifetime of performances!

Here's what the audience sees. Six cards are shown mounted on a slate. The mentalist writes a prediction, a spectator chooses one card freely, which is then moved to the top of the slate. For the stunning finish, the slate is turned over to show the writing matches the chosen card!

This is the perfect opener for a mentalism show. You just walk out and do it. Nothing can go wrong and it is one of the easiest routines of all time to perform. The effect is straight-forward and hits home hard! It looks perfect and there doesn’t seem as though anything could be gimmicked.

In addition to the best slate ever produced and the necessary cards, we also supply you with an instruction book filled with other ideas you can incorporate into your show to make your own routine unique.

These slates are literally hand-made from scratch by our carpenter/artesan. They require multiple layers of wood finish, two double applications of slate paint, a tedious process of assembly, and finally, the finishing touches. This all takes time. If you have any of our other wood products such as Classic Epic , Ultra Board, Whispering Die, Devil Device, ESP Expanded and others, you will understand the level of quality of this incredible prop. Frankly, it is remarkable.

Don’t miss out. Order yours today!

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