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The Legacy Blindfold


A tradition of excellence!

The development of the new Osterlind Leather Blindfold was a process taking over two years with multiple craftsmen involved. While working on different prototypes, Richard realized that leather would be the perfect material for a traditional blindfold using the standard down-the-nose peek. In additional to the look of fairness due to the thickness of leather, the stiffness would afford maximum visibility. He then took traditional ideas from texts such as Corinda, Tarbell, Dexter and others to design the perfect apparatus for this classic routine. Richard believes the act detailed in Tarbell 6, on page 252, to be the very best example and explanation of this famous effect and he tailored this design for that purpose.

Thus, the Legacy Blindfold was created.

After much trial and error, we made the decision to use leather for the Legacy Blindfold which is heavier than the Osterlind Leather Blindfold. It measures 1/8 thick and has just the right amount of “bend.” With tape, coins, etc., applied, it gives you a field of vision far greater than a cloth blindfold. Additionally, the interior finish of the Legacy Blindfold helps to dislodge the other bandages used underneath it. The rougher material grips those tapes and helps to lift them away from your face!

Experimentation with black dye proved to look too ordinary and drab. Then Richard remembered a quote by Tarbell in Volume 4 from the section “Magicians Should Be Artists":

When I studied oil painting, I was not allowed red or black on my palette. My red was rose madder. To gain an impression of black on the picture I mixed rose madder with dark blue. It gave darkness a certain depth of brilliance that black itself could not give. Black gave a “dead” effect. – Harlan Tarbell

With this thought in mind, we decided to dye the leather a deep cordovan color which came out amazing! Just like Tarbell says, on stage it gives a certain deepness that intensifies the dark color and makes it look impenetrable – and classy!

Following the dimensions from Tarbell, the blindfold is 4 inches tall - the perfect size. We then took the new strap design from our leather blindfold and applied it here. It works to perfection and, once adjusted, never has to be touched again. The overall dimensions of the Traditional Blindfold are 4" x 10" and the elastic lies flat when not in use to create the ideal size for carrying. The sturdiness of the top-grade leather will assure this blindfold will last you forever. It is a totally professional prop.

(Please note: this new blindfold is a utility device. It does not come with any instructions or book as mentalism literature has countless descriptions of this act. Richard has a rare recording of Tarbell doing his Sightless Vision act on the old You Asked for It TV show and it was perfection! It is the exact act described in Tarbell Volume 6. You can also use this blindfold for the performance Richard performed on Step 5 of the Corinda video series. This unit will work for the many Blindfold Q&A acts being performed today by top professionals and, finally, it will work perfectly with our Dark Vision hood for a blindfold drive.)

The manufacturing process for this blindfold is just as intense as that of the Osterlind Leather Blindfold, but since there are no instructions included, we are offering the Legacy Blindfold for just $55.00! We guarantee you will not be disappointed with this new offering!  We are so confident in this statement that we already have our craftsman making up a large quantity of the blindfolds for prompt shipment.

If you love classic, well-made mentalism, you will love the Legacy Blindfold!

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