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Osterlind Leather Blindfold

Richard’s Newest Innovation!

The Osterlind Stainless Steel Blindfold was, and still is after more than 30 years, revolutionary! Almost every professional mentalist in the world has used this prop at some point in their career.

Always wanting more, Richard set out over half a decade ago to build the same size and principle into a heavy-duty leather blindfold. After numerous attempts to find the right design and a professional craftsman to make it from the finest materials, it is finally here!

The advantages are:

• It works exactly like the Stainless Steel Blindfold!

• It will fit anyone without any alterations or bending!

• It lies perfectly flat when not in use. It can fit into your coat pocket!

• It is as easy to pack as a notepad and won’t set off metal detectors!

• It is made of the finest cowhide and will last a lifetime!

• It shows up incredibly well on even the largest stage!

• It uses a revolutionary strap design that will not slide or loosen up!

• It works fantastically with our Dark Vision hood for the perfect Blindfold Drive!

In addition to this beautiful piece of professional equipment, we have re-written the Blindfold Manual for this new product while still keeping all the wonderful routines in it that made the original so valuable!

You will marvel at everything you can do with the Osterlind Leather Blindfold!

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