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Easy To Master Mental Miracles Vol. 1 (DOWNLOAD)

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In this exciting video event, Richard Osterlind, one of the world’s top mentalists, opens the vaults and reveals the inner workings of some of the best mentalism ever created!

Not self-working, but by no means difficult to do, these classic effects already make up the repertoires of some of the finest mentalists working today.

Richard Osterlind has combed the vast literature of mentalism to find the strongest mentalism and mental magic effects ever created by past and present masters of the art and each will astound even the most sophisticated audience. Watch Richard perform them all before an astonished live audience and then go behind the scenes as he, along with host Jim Sisti, explains the diabolical methods.

Combined with the Real Secrets of what makes these effects work, this series is destined to become a classic resource for those seeking to learn the art of mentalism.

"I wish I would have had these videos by a master teacher 40 years ago when I first started in mentalism!”
— Barrie Richardson
“A great collection of some of the finest mentalism ever invented performed by one of the genuine masters of our craft!”
— Tim Conover
“Like King Midas, Richard Osterlind puts the golden touch back into these gems from the Golden Age of Magic. An updated treasure, richly done!”
— Richard Busch
“Brilliant! Finally, a first-class performer has taken the time to show that the classics of mentalism still work.”
— Banachek


SWAMI OPENER (Corinda): The performer enters holding a business card. A spectator calls out a two-digit number. That number is predicted on the business card! This is a perfect opener guaranteed to catch the attention of the audience.

MAGIC VS. MINDREADING (Annemann): The performer causes a deck of cards to spell to a mentally chosen card, then shows a remarkable coincidence with a second deck and finally shows the card was actually predicted long before the show!

A QUESTION AND THE ANSWER (Annemann): One of Theo Annemann’s greatest routines! The mentalist answers a secret question in the most direct manner possible! This is a monster effect using only a pencil and a few pieces of paper!

EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION (Annemann): You can duplicate chosen designs in the fairest possible way using this classic method! Make this up in just half an hour!

A WORD IN THOUSANDS (Koran): A spectator chooses any word from any page in a huge book. Without any pumping, the mentalist reveals the chosen word on the back of a blackboard! This mind-boggling effect is fully explained along with complete directions for the construction of the apparatus!

EL NUMERO (Bergson): Using a few index cards and an envelope, the mentalist causes a spectator to choose the very number he has predicted on the back of the envelope. This is direct, simple and awesome - the fairest version of this effect yet!

SYD BERGSON CENTER READ (Bergson): This utility technique will enable you to gain any information written on an index card without any tearing or burning. Osterlind’s touches make this a masterpiece!

TELEPHONE DIRECTORY (Tong): Anyone freely chooses a page in a legitimate telephone directory. The mentalist reads his mind and writes down the telephone number the person is thinking of! This is clean, clear and direct!

SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE (Annemann): This is the original (and best!) version of the classic effect. Only one key out of seven opens a lock. Audience members freely choose the keys and the mentalist determines who has the right key! Both the lock and keys are legitimate!

MARKED THOUGHT (Mason): The mentalist causes a spectator to find the only matching pairs of ESP symbols while they are face down. This method allows for a completely free choice and an ordinary deck of ESP cards!

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