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Hands Off Extreme


A stunning card effect that has baffled every person who has seen it!

A card is freely selected from a deck and placed into the middle. You name where it is and what the name of the card is from across the room.

You never touch the deck!

It is not very often I add a new effect to my professional show. Hand’s Off Extreme is now a permanent part of my act! It offers extreme flexibility as I can perform Card Calling, Hands Off or both (which is what I usually do!). Reset takes about 10 seconds and I know I will kill any audience I perform for – including magicians! — Richard Osterlind

This routine has been in the making for years and some mentalists have been using the earlier version to rave reviews. Now it is better than ever. The problem for many mentalists has been getting the right materials to make up the Jumbo Deck. (The Jumbo Version is by far the best version of the effect.) We now are making the entire kit available! This is the EXACT same deck that I use in all my shows. It is made up of a special set of Blue Bicycle “thin” cards in a regular Blue Bicycle Jumbo Deck case. It is a quality kit that will last you for many years.

Please note: This effect uses the Breakthrough Card System. We considered offering the kit in the 8 Kings or Si Stebbins stack, but that would have greatly reduced its effectiveness. We refused to do that.  So, in order to keep this routine complete, the entire explanation of the Breakthrough Card System, with all the working tips, is included in the manuscript. Not only will you have perhaps the greatest Stage Card effect ever created at your disposal, but you will also have the complete instructions for the best card stack in the world!

Remember, Hands Off Extreme will only be offered to customers of Osterlind Mysteries. You will not see this effect advertised on any dealer’s or distributer’s websites. You can rest assured this effect will not be in the hands of the masses and you will be investing in an exclusive prop and routine.


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