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Cold Reading: The Osterlind Approach (AMTS Vol. 2)

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Contact Mind Reading: The Osterlind Approach has become a best seller and many working professionals have proclaimed it the best book on the art. Like that first book in the Advanced Mentalism Training Series, Cold Reading: The Osterlind Approach offers incredible insights into the world of Cold Reading that will make you want to master this art even if you never had a desire before.

Here is what Richard has to say about his new book.

 “This is not a typical Cold Reading book… Rather than the traditional approach, it is my goal is to create for you a state of perception where you have no conscious thought of, ‘I will now do Cold Reading,’ but rather, it just happens naturally. Like Contact Mind Reading, I want to make you feel like a real mind reader, with no props and no gimmicks – just you.”

And here is what Millard Longman (creator of Acidus Novus and Acidus Globus) has to say.

“This book is the foundation upon which believable and entertaining mentalism rests. You can have the best routines and flawless technical skills, but without the ability to read your audience you will fall short of the perfection we all seek. In fact, you can be rather poor at choosing routines and have less than perfect technical skills and still be successful if you can convincingly read your audience. The ability to convincingly read your audience can be your entire act; no tricks, no props, just you and your ability.”

This is a book that will give you a revolutionary new look at the art of Cold Reading and a ground-breaking approach to your performing style. It redefines Cold Reading. Besides giving you the skills to give a convincing reading in three different ways, it takes you one step beyond to a world where you will look at everyone you have contact with in a totally new and wonderful way!

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