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Annemann's Extra-Sensory Perception Expanded


A classic mentalism effect reimagined and routined by Richard Osterlind.

Annemann’s Extra-Sensory Perception is one of the most straight-forward demonstrations of telepathy ever devised! Richard has used this effect professionally for over 40 years and has featured it on 2 of his best selling videos!

We are now offering the entire kit in the most advanced version possible!

The cards were professionally drawn and are true to the original routine. They are the proper size (5" x 5") and are printed on heavy cardstock. The drawings are wonderfully clear and even larger than the hand-drawn ones Richard has always used.

The board is remarkable! It measures 10 X 12 inches and is the perfect size for the effect. It looks totally innocent and unprepared, you can show it from inches away, and yet it will deliver the information you need instantly in a new and exciting way! This is a NEW gimmick and it can’t go wrong! The board is made by the same craftsman who makes all our wooden items such as Classic Epic, Whispering Die and Devil Device and it will last you a lifetime. Although it appears ordinary, it still has the look and feel of class with a beautiful triple coated satin finish on the frame. We also supply a few sticks of Prang Chalk which looks incredible on the board!

Finally, the kit includes an instruction booklet that gives you exact handling details, instructions for the care and use of the board and a new idea for a fantastic third phase to the effect. Now the effect is theatrically perfect as well as looking completely impossible!

“How I wish I had one of these outfits 40 years ago!” – Richard Osterlind

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