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Epitome Board

It will devastate your audience!

Like the Ultra Board, the Epitome Board is the classic triple prediction without any forces and without the need for anyone to come up on stage!

Like the Ultra Board, it uses the same incredible, custom-made, double-sided slate which is ungimmicked and will last a lifetime. You can use it whenever you need to write a prediction and it can be left in the hands of the spectators.

Like the Ultra Board, the Epitome Board can be used for a single, double or triple forecast. You can use it like a stage-sized Swami!

However, unlike the Ultra Board, the Epitome Board comes with three binder clips and three plastic cards that are completely ungimmicked! The size of these cards is larger and your forecasts will show up even better. In addition to covering your predictions, the handles of the three binder clips are loudly snapped down over the cards, "locking in" your predictions! There is no "get ready" for any moves and all three predictions can be made and covered before showing the results!

Finally, we are including Richard's personal routine, where a spectator can watch you make the third prediction over your shoulder! He can even remove the cards and show the predictions himself! This top secret routine has been unavailable for over 20 years.

The outfit includes the handcrafted deluxe slate, the binder clips, the plastic cover cards, a deluxe metal chalk holder, and the instruction manual.

This is an Osterlind Mysteries exclusive and will not be available elsewhere. Get yours today!

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