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Ultra Board


The chairman of the prediction boards is back ... and better than ever!

The ULTRA BOARD is the classic triple prediction effect ... without any forcing whatsoever! Just walk out in front of your audience and perform the routine without anyone leaving their seat to assist.

The ULTRA BOARD is as versatile as a Swami gimmick and can also be used for a single or double forecast. Either side of the slate may be used and it may be handed out for examination at any time.

The board is ungimmicked with no sliding or moving parts. It is, however, constructed from the very finest materials, including a writing surface that never has to be retreated. Besides the basic effect, the slate may be used at any time in your show when you need to write something and since it is unprepared, your prediction may be left in the hands of the spectator.

In addition to the master routine, you'll receive many other ideas for other routines that will allow you to personalize your ULTRA BOARD to your act.
This deluxe outfit includes everything you need - the handcrafted deluxe slate, the specially-prepared bulldog clips, covers - even the proper chalk and a chalk holder. Of course, a full set of instructions is also included.

This is an Osterlind Mysteries exclusive, and will not be available elsewhere.

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