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The Scribe System


"Almost unlimited adaptability, Scribe may be the answer to your prayers. Thumbs up for SCRIBE!" - Marc Salem

For several years, Richard has had a dream for a new type of Swami Gimmick which is sturdy, places the lead in the proper position, is totally reliable, and is a breakthrough in the design of the apparatus.

Over the last few months, Richard has been working with a 3D engineer to make his dream a reality. Every possible variable has been examined with the result of multiple gimmicks being produced in a variety of sizes and lengths to fit everyone’s needs and performance situations. We are including all of these different gimmicks, a total of six, with each package! This will allow each purchaser to decide which ones suit his purposes the best. Since they are adjustable, you can use them all! The possibilities are endless!

This is a new approach to Swami Gimmicks! There is nothing on the market like the Scribe System. The design will allow you to write almost as easily and legibly as if you were writing with the pen itself! This is due to the unique writing angle of the lead and the fact that the gimmick locks onto your thumb dead tight! You can also change the lead quickly and easily from the included pen itself, even on the go! This is a totally professional package.

The Scribe kit consists of the six gimmicks fashioned in a durable flesh-colored material, a Listo pen, spare leads, and a comprehensive book on how to use your new Scribe gimmicks as well as some routines and tips on getting the most out of your purchase. This kit is all you will ever need except for more replacement leads which are readily available!

We guarantee you will be thrilled by this revolutionary new secret writing device!

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