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Invisible Impressions


Based on an old idea that seems to be mostly forgotten, Osterlind Mysteries has put together a complete package giving you everything you need to convincingly read minds! Richard has been using this principle for years with devastating results. Please understand, this is not a single routine, but a system that provides everything you need for a myriad of effects as well as opening up a world of possibilities for you to draw upon your own creativity. With the rush for electronic effects and complicated methods, Invisible Impressions takes mentalism back to its roots in a new and modern way!

For starters, Mindreading Extraordinaire allows you to perform the cleanest Fourth Dimensional Telepathy routine where each spectator keeps his unopened envelope! You can use the apparatus to instantly learn any hidden thought written down by a volunteer without any billet peeks or center tears!

For years, the Q&A Clipboard (first put on the market in 1920 by Thayer) was an indispensable piece of equipment used by most mentalists. Invisible Impressions replaces that board with one where the information can be read almost instantly! Richard also gives you his own idea on how to use this apparatus with Spirit Slates as well as ways to get immediate access to the information! He even includes his Stage Opener! Frankly, the uses for this system, and the routines possible with it, are virtually limitless.

With the Invisible Impressions system, you receive two colored, transparent clipboards (which look so innocent), a supply of the special paper and Post-It Note pads for each board so that you can immediately start to use it (and trust us, that is exactly what you will want to do!)

In the comprehensive 20-page instruction manual, Richard, as usual, gives you clever insights and all kinds of presentational advice that is invaluable. Once you start using Invisible Impressions, you will be amazed at the possibilities it offers!

By now you all know how practical Richard’s effects are. Invisible Impressions is something you will start using right away and not put into your “magic box.”

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