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EXP is neither a prop nor a book – it's both!

Once again, Richard breaks new ground with what he describes as the Projection Principle! His goal is to have you look at standard effects in a new light to give them many times their impact and mystery! To prove to you it all works, this book is filled with incredible routines that are all reputation makers! As you read the book for the first time you will surely think, “Wow, what wonderful ideas!”

Here's what you'll receive:

First, you are supplied with a beautiful set of special cards to get you started using the Projection Principle. These cards are imported from South Africa and are personally gimmicked by Richard himself. Although there have been similar ideas used before, these cards take it to new heights and make the effects perfect! There is nothing wrong to see! You will be able to predict when a spectator decides to drop a coin or destroy a piece of paper or steal a dollar bill! The cards can also be used with multiple spectators in entertaining routines that will leave the audience speechless. Imagine being able to forecast when a lady will kiss her husband or who will call out FIRE! If all you received here were the special cards and their instructions, you would be getting more than your money’s worth.
However, everything just starts there. Richard shows how you can achieve all kinds of extraordinary effects in projection in the accompanying book. You'll discover, for example, how to create projection miracles using a Swami Gimmick and standard mentalism effects such as Clip Line and the Invisible Deck.

Here is just one example of the Projection Principle:
A spectator is given a brown bag filled with colored candies. The target candy is a red one. Another spectator calls our random numbers as the first removes candies. When the cherry candy is found, the number called out at that moment is noted. The mentalist turns over a large card showing the same number written on it!!!
All the effects are that strong!
Finally, as an added bonus, Richard explains his signature effect, RichardWave (as seen on his No Camera Tricks video). This is a perfect opener for a mentalism show. It is staggering in effect, easy to do, and can be performed surrounded. In addition to all that, Richard shows how this routine “completes the circle” to make it a blockbuster. This is just another example of Richard’s thinking that can be applied to so many other effects.
Most of Osterlind Mysteries customers readily admit it is our products that they use in their professional shows. Many say Richard’s work and thinking actually got them started in mentalism. This outfit is just one more must-have entry to add to that legacy!

Order your EXP set today and project your mentalism to new heights!

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