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Classic Epic Deluxe


An epic upgrade!

Our Classic Epic has been a huge success over the years. Having listened to our customers’ feedback, we have made some major changes to the kit. Now, for 2017, it is better than ever!

  • The new Classic Epic is now made out of beautiful walnut with a double lacquer finish! (This is the same wood and finish as our Whispering Die and Devil’s Device!) It’s a gorgeous dark color with a striking satin sheen! It still looks innocent, but is a piece of equipment you will be proud to display!
  • The corners of the new board are tongue and grooved and the crossbars (the most delicate part of a Mental Epic board) are dado grooved to provide maximum strength!
  • Because of the new, darker look, the pure white chalk writing stands out better than ever!
  • Next, to enhance this new look, we decided to use solid brass hooks and eyelets to further the rich appearance!
  • The slide is now made of a solid piece of plastic which slides like a dream and will not warp!
  • Finally, we made perhaps the most important change of all and redesigned the dimensions of the board to 16" x 12" (the same size as our Ultra Board.) The new board will fit perfectly in any standard catalog case which so many mentalists use today!
  • And best of all, the price of the new and improved Classic Epic will remain at $250!

This may very well be the best Mental Epic board ever made!

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