Cutting edge magic & mentalism
from the mind of Richard Osterlind

Osterlind Mysteries Exclusives

(image for) Change of Mind

Change of Mind

Your spectator's thoughts - right in the palm of your hand! CHANGE OF MIND allows you to demonstrate amazing ESP and precognitive abilities. You...
(image for) Classic Epic Deluxe

Classic Epic Deluxe

An epic upgrade! Our Classic Epic has been a huge success over the years. Having listened to our customers’ feedback, we have made some major...
(image for) Classic Slate of Mind

Classic Slate of Mind

Another incredible new release from Osterlind Mysteries! Slate of Mind is a mentalism classic that is one of the most perfect mysteries of all time....
(image for) Digital Feedback Deluxe

Digital Feedback Deluxe

A very limited release! Richard’s devastating pocket calculator effect…now made better than ever! Of every close-up routine I have ever...
(image for) Dynamo Deck

Dynamo Deck

A secret from deep within the Osterlind vault! This is the deck that Richard Osterlind carried with him constantly for years. It is made up of a...
(image for) Epitome Board

Epitome Board

It will devastate your audience! Like the Ultra Board, the Epitome Board is the classic triple prediction without any forces and without the need for...
(image for) Hands Off Extreme

Hands Off Extreme

A stunning card effect that has baffled every person who has seen it! A card is freely selected from a deck and placed into the middle. You name...
(image for) Invisible Impressions

Invisible Impressions

Based on an old idea that seems to be mostly forgotten, Osterlind Mysteries has put together a complete package giving you everything you need to...
(image for) Mirage Envelope

Mirage Envelope

The Mirage Envelope is Richard’s newest creation. Here's what the audience sees... You write a spectator’s first name on your...

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